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Visa requirements and procedure

You have to visit the nearest BiH Embassy to collect the Type ā€œDā€ Long Term Visa as a student along with below documents:

(a) Visa Application Form which is available in BiH Embassy

(b) The Visa Invitation Letter issued by the Ministry of Security-BiH

(c) Admission Confirmation Letter from CKM

(d) Tuition fee & Registration Fee Transfer slip deposited to CKM A/C in BiH

(e) Police Clearance certificate from present residing or Home country

(f) One year Health Insurance Certificate (From the Insurance company which are approved by the EU countries Embassy)

(g) Medical Certificate (You are fit for study in Europe as you have NO physical problem)

(h) Travel Insurance

(i) Return Air Ticket Reservation

(j) Birth certificate

(k) All marks sheets & certificates authenticated by the MoE/MoFA & Notary Public

(l) Passport first two pages

(m) Recent Picture two copies passport-size and two copies 35mm X 45 mm size

(n) Visa Fee 72 Euro; Type ā€œDā€ Long Term student Visa